Danielle Benaroche Gottesman, Certified Wellness & Self-Care Coach, was back to host Self-Care II- What you Eat Matters. The discussion focused on nutritional wellness and wellness via movement. It was a fascinating conversation about how what we eat affects our happiness, our relationships and our surroundings.
Danielle’s vast background in journalism led her to a career at WGBH and PBS International and ultimately inspired her through personal experience to understand that balance was best achieved by making time to kindle the creative and personal fires we tend to let smolder amidst the demands of career and parenthood.  Her path evolved to inspire service as a Wellness Coach (or as some have called her, a Creative Midwife).

Danielle will share her expertise on nutrition and how it relates to our overall health. She will offer solutions, resources, and tools to equip us with the ability to remain (or get) on top.

Danielle Gottesman
Writer, Wellness Coach
DBG Wellness
Instagram: @daniellegottesmanwellness
Facebook: @gottesmanwellness

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