We had a great conversation with Rebecca Moore for our June Empower Women Series event. The single most energizing force in our lives is to know and live out our unique purpose. Yet financial challenges and inequities remain for women who want to follow their calling and care for their families. The pandemic has amplified the need for women to redefine their purpose and the workforce. Every day, Rebecca meets ordinary yet extraordinary mid-century women who have taken stock of their lives and rediscovered their purpose through entrepreneurship. She outlined a framework for how you too can better understand your unique set of strengths, clarify your mission, and make a meaningful impact while earning an income.

Rebecca Moore earned her BA in art history from Smith College. While working for the Smithsonian Institution, she earned an MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business where she caught the entrepreneurial “bug.”  She was then hired by an environmental start-up and years later started her own marketing consulting firm. In 1997 she founded and grew her own venture-backed dot-com until their exit strategy was thwarted by the fallout from 9-11, and they decided to wind down the company in 2002.

For the next 15 years, as she grew her family, she continued to work with startups and nonprofits in the retail, arts, education, internet, and service sectors. In 2017 she founded InANutshell Consulting to advise female founders on business development, marketing, and growth strategies. In 2019, she founded the Women’s Impact Mastermind to guide small groups of founders to accelerate their business through interactive peer training and accountability. The curriculum is based on coursework with world-renowned experts and focuses on guiding founders to master their mindset, margins, and messaging and up-level their businesses with more ease and joy.

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All EWS events are free to all the women and occur every second Tuesday of every month at noon in our offices unless specified. Join us and spread the word. Let's continue empowering women. 

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