Stephanie Diamond, the Managing Director for Charitable Planning Strategies at Charles Schwab, hosted our July event – Philanthropic Giving- Maximizing the Impact of Charitable Contributions.  During our discussion, Stephanie explained how to start planning for philanthropic giving and how to find the right charitable giving vehicle that is best for you. She has used her expertise to guide her clients, families and their wealth advisors in maximizing the impact of charitable giving.  She helps clients define charitable giving goals, contribute assets tax-efficiently, review different giving vehicle options and construct charitable gifts with intention.

Thank you for joining us this past July 10th!  Also, we have made her PPT Presentation available in this link:

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All EWS events are free to all the women and occur every second Tuesday of every month at noon in our offices unless specified. Join us and spread the word. Let's continue empowering women. 


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