Have you ever found it challenging to have discussions about money with your children, grandchildren or other young people? You are not alone. Studies have shown most families avoid these conversations until necessary. However, talking with children about money at an early age can help them be more financially responsible adults. At this Empower Women event, Elizabeth Lavoie discussed ways to teach good financial habits and aligning them with values, as well as provide resources and tools to help you better prepare the next generation to deal with money.

Betsy, as her friends call her,  has been working closely with wealthy individuals and families for over 16 years.  Prior to joining Lexington Wealth Management,  she was an Investment Officer at PNC for over nine years where she managed a portfolio of investment assets and worked with a team of advisors to build customized wealth management solutions.  She also served high net worth investors at Eaton Vance Investment Counsel and Scudder Private Investment Counsel/Deutsche Private Wealth Management from 2001 until 2007.

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