From Life Preservers to Swim Instructors: How to Support our Teens as They Navigate the Transition to College, was hosted by Pamela Willsey LICSW, PCC, and Vanessa Calagna, certified Wisdom Kids Coach. This event focused on how to support our teens as they transition to college. Pamela and Vanessa discussed how we, as parents, can shift our perspective from protecting our teens to raising resilient young adults who know how to swim in turbulent waters. 

Pamela Willsey is the founder of Willsey Connections (WC). She practices as a therapist and life coach for teenaged girls as they become young adult women. Her approach centers around the deeply held belief that success in life requires us to understand ourselves and others. She emphasizes the need to learn the skills necessary to manage our feelings and relationships. WC helps teenage girls develop the tools they need to meet the challenges they will face as they transition from adolescence to independent, self-assured confident women.

A former higher education professional, Vanessa Calagna, of Willey Connections, is also a certified Wisdom Kids Coach.  She launched TheKidzConnection with a  mission to help children ( Ages 8-11) shift their views to turn once limiting thoughts into supportive beliefs. When children have positive self-esteem and self-confidence, they believe in themselves which allows them to trust their own unique ability to handle life’s many difficult situations. They are also less likely to succumb to peer pressure and more willing to challenge themselves, rather than let fear or obstacles diminish their dreams.

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