Thank you for joining us for our August 13th Empower Women event, Effective Communication; How to Listen & Talk in Regular Conversation. In this workshop, Jody Comins, MSW, Divorce & Family Mediator presented three types of listening skills- empathic listening, macro/micro aggression (verbal and non-verbal cues) and listening for listening.  Participants experienced verbal and non-verbal cues in exercises with other participants, learned about narcissistic conversationalism, how to listen and be heard in every day conversation, and worked on communication skills.

Jody Comins, MSW is a Divorce & Family Mediator and Collaborative Coach in the Greater Boston area. She is an adult child of divorce and uses her experience to create a child-centered practice at A Better Way: Divorce Mediation.  Jody is a court-approved facilitator for the required parenting classes in MA and is the creator of “Honor thy Children; Jewish Parenting through a Divorced Lens”. Her book, “Speaking Out; Voices of Adult Children of Divorce” was #1 in Parenting & Relationships and #1 in Single Parenting on

Please enjoy this podcast interview with Jody Comins. 

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All EWS events are free to all the women and occur every second Tuesday of every month at noon in our offices unless specified. Join us and spread the word. Let's continue empowering women. 


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