For our May episode, we were joined by Maggi Alexander from The Philanthropic Initiative, (TPI).  TPI is a nonprofit philanthropic advisory firm that pioneered the field of strategic philanthropy advising and works around the globe to help donors achieve lasting social impact.  Women are controlling a growing share of our society’s wealth and influencing more and more philanthropy. Learn about how women are changing the face of philanthropy and making a deep impact on critical issues in their communities and around the world.  This conversation will help listeners better define the goals for philanthropy, uncover their deepest interests and passions, and begin the process of zeroing in on a focus and structure for their giving that provides both meaning and impact.  You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and practical tools for getting from here to there.

Maggi Alexander is a Partner at TPI and directs TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy. In this role, she supports individuals and families, foundations, and corporations in aligning their philanthropy with their values in ways that are more strategic. An entrepreneurial leader, Maggi has spent over 30 years focused on philanthropy to improve the quality of life for low-income children, families, and communities in the United States and over 30 countries worldwide.

Ellen Remmer (co-hosted the event) is a recognized leader in the field of strategic philanthropy. She is a Senior Partner at TPI and has been with them since 1993 and served as President and CEO of TPI from 2007-2012. Ellen has worked directly with dozens of family, corporate, and community foundations, helping them develop powerful strategies for social impact and strong governance structures and practices.

For nearly 30 years, TPI has served as a consultant and thought partner to ambitious donors and foundations that embrace innovative thinking in their efforts to find local, national, and global levers of change. TPI has helped a multitude of families focus their philanthropy on their values and interests, which often leads to the development of a philanthropic plan. TPI also helps with design, implementation, and evaluation of philanthropic strategies and initiatives, social issues research, administration and grant making, and donor education and foundation governance.

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